This 8 Year Old Can Skate! (3 park thrash)

Posted by Moulton on Mar. 01, 2010

Johnathan is an 8 years old with amazing talent on the skateboard! I spotted him while traveling in the UK Feb06. The kid has some major skills and over 3 different sk8 parks enjoy big drop in and deep bowls. This is a 3 in 1 vid, each part is different. Please leave a comment and rate appropriately. Also I have other sk8 vid in my uploaded section so if you liked this please subscribe for more. Rock is a Vitamin Z song by Moulton & Leahy taken from the album High Spending Gambler. Vocals - Moulton Guitar - S. Leahy Drums - A. Giles Bass - A. Smyth Walking around is a Piglatron song. Drums- Shortneck Guitar- Foxworthington Bass-Foxworthy Vocals- Moulton Vid by Moulton

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