Thirsty Tiger Reserve Achanakmaar..

20-06-2009. Delayed monsoon in Chhattisgarh is giving tensions to paddy farmers and state too as water level is going down very fast. In urban areas local administration is monitoring the supply of water for the need of their citizens, but in forests the situations are even worst for the wild life as no one is thinking for them now? Animals are reeling through hard times after several lakes inside the sanctuary started drying up in the prolonged drought.In the beginning of this summer, officers of Tiger Reserve Achanakmaar of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh were announced that with the support of Nature Club they had a master plan for Achanakmaar to check and fill the water sources so that the wildlife here will not suffer the water problems. They started it, everything was perfect, they used Water Tanker, drums, Solar/ Diesel pumps etc. etc. But after a few pre monsoon shower they stoped all such exercises, may be they had thought that these are enough for water recharge? Then the monsoon is delayed, resulting seve