They Hate Pimples - Zit Camouflage For Guys

Posted by charminns on Oct. 29, 2012

See more at http-// Pimples suck. Fact. Those ugly zits sprout on your face at the worst of times, and you know damn well all your friends wont be able to stop staring at it. How can you blame them? That pimple is like a ticking time bomb- a volcanic blemish waiting to destroy the town below. And there arent any good solutions on the market because everyone is selling hardcore dermatologist-recommended miracle cures for acne... until now. They Hate Pimples is the pimple solution youve been dreaming about (when you arent dreaming about supermodels). Its a zit camouflage for dudes. Added bonus- it is made with an ingredient known to fight pimples. Cha-ching! Dont hide in a dark room anymore. Its time to cover that mutha up and let your face see the light of day. They Hate Pimples- Zit Camouflage for Guys

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