ThermoVape Vaporizers General Tips & Tricks

Posted by ThermoVape on Aug. 06, 2012

Here is a quick video showing a couple of Tips and Tricks for getting the most of of vaporizing with your ThermoVape Vaporizers. More @ http-// Some other details about our vaporizers. - Exceptional vaporizers for Loose-Leaf botanical, Essential Oils, and E-Liquids (glycerol liquids designed for use in electronic cigarettes). -100% Designed, Manufactured, Assembled, and Tested in the USA. - Solder Free, Flux Free, Silicone Free, Silica Rope Free, Fiberglass Free, Adhesive/Glue/Bonding Agent Free - 100% USA sourced Medical Device Grade and FDA Approved Materials. - 510 Compatible Thread Pattern - Directly compatible with standard 510 E-Cigs, Mods, etc. - Works with the complete line of modular ThermoVape products - Can be cleaned by soaking in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and rinsed with water. - Can be sterilized by boiling - Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, 90 day no questions asked heater core warranty - Rebuildable for $10 + Shipping if coil dies after Warranty Period. - Co

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