There Will Be Godziwa - Two Dudes On A Couch

Posted by estayberg on Apr. 08, 2013

These two dudes are turning Japanese, I think theyre turning Japanese, I really think so. Hello, We are the CatchCanComedy team. Yeah, yeah, I know its a mouthful. Anyway this is our brand spanking new parody series Two Dudes On A Couch, with brand spanking(we like spanking) new episodes coming every week.....So sit back(like us) and enjoy our crazy antics! Created and Developed by- Eric Stayberg, Jonathan Cocco and Michael Melzer https-// Directed by- Jonathan Cocco https-// Starring- Michael Melzer and Eric Stayberg https-// https-// Special Effects- McKenna Iida Lighting- Matt Switzer Outro Music- Kevin Macleod

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