There's a Chance

Posted by Holworks on Feb. 24, 2009

THERE'S A CHANCE - ASCAP (Title Code: 504772312)- Mark Holman - Holworks - Splash - This is a song that came to me when and especially important event was taking place and I was excluded because I am not of the socio-economic class of those in attendance. Discrimination aside, I believe that there are steps we can take to eliminate Murphy's Law and take our share. Most of this programming is internal as we allow our thoughts to be controlled by someone else or not. Tom Mohler for help with the music software and your acoustic guitar playing. Here I am sitting it out on the sidewalk when all around me there is opportunity. I have the talent. I have the ability. So, how do I climb that ladder up to the Cakewalk? I like being dressed up but with no place to go? I believe there is a chance for us to do whatever, you, me, and anyone who would reach down inside themselves to truly feel. You can do it, . . .there's a chance.

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