The Wedding Trailer of Barbara & Ruslan

Posted by DominoArts on Dec. 08, 2012

Barbie & Rus – An Elegant Era, a 40s Wedding A match made in heaven? A couple who appreciates details just as much as we love shooting them?! We think so! From the pearls that spelled “I Do” on the soles of Barbie’s wedding shoes, to the pearl strands on the napkin holders, to the old school cigar table scattered with loose engagement photos we shot for them months ago… no detail was forgotten on Barbie and Rus’ Wedding Day! And we were right there in the midst of the love and laughter to capture everyone. After all, a wedding is storybook of details… A 40s and 50s themed event was Barbie’s dream, and Rus helped make it happen for their special day. They didn’t just play the part, they were living it: they danced, dressed, and fit the roles of two people in love in the good ol’ days. A blast from the past, they brought their favorite era to life for their entire wedding day. Mark Young, Director of Catering and Conference Services at Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, took a few minutes to sp

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