The View Fight Against Elisabeth on Ayers

Man, oh MAN did the gloves come off today. Joy Blowhard was out (I think intentionally), but when the subject of "negative campaigning" came up (directly in relation to Sarah invoking William Ayers this weekend), the gloves came OFF and the fight was on. And even though Elisabeth made teriffic salient points, in the end she was shut down by Whoopi, Barbara & Sherry. Shame on them. Come on, Eliisabeth... leave there and go to Fox. They will never let you have your own voice, and today it was completely obvious. Their hatred for everything McCain and Palin is vitriolic to toxic proportions. If anybody in the McCain campaign had had previous relationshiops with ANYONE in the Weather Underground, there would be a bloodletting like never before seen. What a bunch of windbag hypocrites.