The Upperclass Men | Vae Victis [Woe To The Vanquished Ones] (U

Posted by rivevideo1 on Feb. 18, 2013

The Upperclass Men | Vae Victis [Woe To The Vanquished] http-// - DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FREE http-// - LIKE US ON FACEBOOK https-// - #thechaosisreal Director- Mark Lieberman Executive Producers- Hollis H.D. Stephenson, Coy Harris Cinematography- Brendan Walsh, Kyle Griffin Gaffer- Cory Lonas Best Boy- Perry Kerr Lead VFX Artist- Mark Lieberman Animator/Illustrator- Adam Cusack 3D Artist- Anton Moss Roto Artists- Andrew Dohan, Brendan Walsh Title Designer- Matthew Robertson

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Tags heavy, metal, band, hip hop, the upperclass men, vae victis

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