The Ultimate Man-Tasker

Posted by Studio8 on Mar. 19, 2010

Are you a sports nut with a bad case of March Madness? Having trouble keeping up with all the games and players and stats? Learn how to man-task like this dude and power your system up with an Intel Core i5 processor. Dont forget the nachos!-----------------Download the FREE mp3 of the song in this video here: Barry Holiday and Jessie Gaskell.Lyrics by Chris Trew/Terp2it. Music by Mikey Felton.Produced by! CLICK THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON UP THERE! If you dont, you wont be instantly alerted when we make new comedy. We have other Youtube channels, too! Check them out on our main profile page.------------------FOLLOW us on TWITTER!Brock: us on FACEBOOK! WEBSITE!

Categories Sports

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