The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs (Part 1)

Posted by SvoiPerez on May. 03, 2014

In the ultimate clash of the titans, the giants of prehistory engage in mortal combat. The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs harnesses new research and new ways of seeing how the most ferocious dinosaurs really lived, and died. In this innovative series, Bill Oddie takes great joy in comparing dinosaurs with their closest living relatives - crocodiles and birds. He joins forces with a team of experts to scientifically analyse fossilised dinosaur bones and tracks. Using scientific evidence, Bill constructs life-sized, bio-mechanical replicas of the dinosaurs' weaponry. Then he tests them and dramatically demonstrates their awesome potential. The findings from all these investigations are fed into the computer graphics to produce the most accurate portrayal of dinosaurs to date. PART 1 Tyrannosaurus rex versus Triceratops has to be the greatest heavyweight fight in history. In one corner - T. rex - a six-ton powerhouse of muscle and teeth and the most famous killer the world has ever known. Its jaws were packed with over 50 teeth, each up to a foot long, and powerful enough to crush a car. In the opposite corner - Triceratops - an armoured and enormous opponent, equivalent to an elephant-sized rhino wearing a spiked helmet. A dramatic face-off such as this has long been imagined by artists and filmmakers, but until now it has been based on pure fantasy. In this programme, Bill Oddie employs some surprising and powerful techniques to unlock the truth, and he reveals extraordinary new fossil proof of a real-life conflict between these two monsters. To illustrate the destructive capabilities of the dinosaurs, Bill constructs life-sized, bio-mechanical replicas of a T. rex head, built from solid steel, and a Triceratops skull, complete with three horns. Then he puts them on trial in the most detailed analysis ever attempted.

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