The Sudden Compliance Program Webinar Series

Posted by MarkLakewood3367 on Oct. 15, 2008

The Sudden Compliance Program Webinar (Web conference) series is a highly effective ongoing program that helps parents significantly and swiftly improve their child's behavior at home, school, and within the community. This program comes in a series of 8 powerful (1-hour) sessions that can be conveniently viewed from a computer. These skill and tool-packed sessions include all the necessary topics to significantly and swiftly improve child behavior. Participants can attend any or all 8 sessions and can enter the program at any time as it is ongoing. The program is presented live. Mark Lakewood, a distinguished author of the Sudden Compliance Program and a professional speaker with over 20 years of clinical experience as a mental health therapist, facilitates each session. Participants are simply required to have a computer with an Internet connection. For a limited time offer, participants can pre-register to attend session 1 for free!! As our gift for attending a session, participants will receive

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