The Story of Sutro Baths

Posted by sombrilla10 on Dec. 11, 2009

This short video is about Adolph Sutro, a self-made millionaire and former mayor of San Francisco created the Sutro Baths, a public bathhouse a museum. Video contains- 1. a brief biography of Adolph Sutro 2. a short film of the gigantic slide and bathers at the Sutro Baths. 3. a short film of the Leander sisters dancing on a platform over one of the swim tanks. 4. a short film of one of the two trains that transport passengers to the Baths. 5. How seawater is transported into the swim tanks. 6. Eric Black exploring the Baths. Photo and film credits and permissions- Eric Black Louis Vincent provided by Peggy Vincent San Francisco Museum Early Edison Films, Library of Congress Historical American Building Survey Music- Pinnacle Studio, Pinnacle Systems, Inc. Copyright 2006 Exceleste

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