The Seung Mina Experiment 1 (Interactive Community Project!)

Posted by lumpsVSbumps on Aug. 02, 2010

Thanks to the above artists who contributed drawings and characters to make this video! Check out their other artwork in their respective galleries!http://littlenicky89.deviantart.comhttp://newhere.deviantart.comhttp://playerj.deviantart.comhttp://hinataxsakurafangirl.deviantart.comhttp://nutsvsgutsfan.deviantart.comhttp://ungeziefersoldat.deviantart.comhttp://shiranui94.deviantart.comSeung Minas Opening Treasure technique (df A B) has been putting the hurt on innocent boys and girls since Soul Calibur 1, and my animated series Seung Minas Treasure Hunt has been an ongoing tribute to my favorite Soul Calibur attack of all time.But, Seung Mina needs moar victims! Thats where YOU come in!Pick any video game / anime / cartoon / OC / movie / television character.Use one of the templates I provide below to draw the animation frames necessary (there are only ten, its easy), and upload them to dA. Then, Ill animate your drawings, and viola! Well have a shiny new animation collab!This is

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