The Secret to Higher Bottle Service Sales in the Recession

See to learn how you can increase your bottle service sales during this economic downturn. Here’s the secret: make your bottle service presentation contagious. Deliver them with as much pizazz as you can. Make a big deal out of it. Stop the action when the delivery presentation starts. Change the music to your BIG, special bottle service theme. Turn on the confetti and fog machines. Use bottle service theme lights that are different, so that guests come to associate them with a bottle’s delivery. But don’t bore them with too much repetition—you have to keep it fun. Pink Elephant in New York uses drummers with beepers who converge on the table at the same time the bottle is arriving. But above all, use bottle sparklers. There is simply no visual substitute for taping a couple of inexpensive 4-5 inch long bottle sparklers to champagne and vodka bottles when you deliver them to a table. It’s a glittery, flaming advertisement that excites everybody. Make a parade out o