The Secret Behind White Power Milk

Posted by mikeNgary on Aug. 10, 2011

This video is a parody of http-// Attractive white women gargle and purify your milk for your drinking pleasure? Is there more to this gargling purification process that meets the eye? Only Nate Hill, the founder of White Power Milk can answer that! LIKE us on Facebook- https-// Circle us on Google+- https-// Cast- Sarah Dameron - Milk Maid Mike Underlin - Milk Man #1 Marcus Ross - Milk Man #2 Cherokee Turner - Milk Man #3 Narrator- Gary Seevers Made in association with Avid Productions 479 http-// Tags White Power Milk girl gargle milk gargle milk milk gargle video white power milk project video girl gargling milk gargle milk video nate hill performance art spoof parody viral shimmycocopuffsss behind the scenes interview georgie Music by Kevin Macleod (

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