The Runner (entirely home made)

Posted by sawyeraero on Nov. 10, 2011

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My friends and I got together to do this out of pure boredom. We are non-drug users, non-alcohoics, but got bored off our asses one day and decided to do this. Just goes to show you dont have to get all whacked out to have a little fun. Doesnt have to cost you anything to find something productive to do. First trailer Ive ever made for a short home made no budget film. Shot entirely on a black berry camera phone. Music- Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey Great music, great song Again, keep in mind this is my first time editing a video like this let alone uploading one. I hope you ladies and gentlemen out there enjoy the video, and I look forward to reading your comments Constructive Criticism is welcome. And any input to make it better, is very helpful. Thanks and enjoy We used a black berry phone to film what you see. 1982 Datsun 280zx is the car The story is about a government courier who picked up the wrong package from the wrong person.

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