The Reegs - JJ180 (Lilistar Mix)

Posted by Lilitan1 on Jun. 14, 2009

The Reegs are and were Dave Fielding, Reg Smithies and Gary Lavery, and this is a fan-made slideshow of a fan made mix. For all Reegs-related news, check, hosted by my good friend Pedro. Thanks for the images for this video, mate! Coming soon... The Reegs: Definitive Collection. For the first time, all of the bands recordings will be available on a 2 CD set, featuring all of the tracks from their two out of print albums Return of the Sea Monkeys and Rock The Magic Rock plus B-sides and alternative versions. The collection also includes a brand new version of Bosnia, recorded in Spring 2009, with Dave Fielding on lead vocals. And sadly missed street poet and pool champ, Reckless Robbie, joins the band for a raucous rendition of Snooker Hooligan and the previously unreleased Jesus Came To Manchester. Thirty tracks in total. Artwork is by Reg Smithies. Check for more details. Additional info on the new release at MySpace:

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