Posted by jackyjasper on Oct. 30, 2009

In the second part of our exclusive interview with former Drug King Pin Freeway Ricky, he speaks openly how he landed his major record deal with Interscope, as well as his contract for not one, but THREE movie deals. Two of the three flicks are comedy-based, and are set to feature actor Mike Epps - the other film is to be centered around Freeway Ricks life. Plus, dudes even got a pair of books which are now in the works.This guy has my ultimate respect mane! Hes a TRUE hustler. And, being the hustler he is, he calls out the Rick Ross impostor who has the audacity to steal the name of a bonafied gangsta. But, hes not at all upset, he says hes simply flabbergasted (as am I -- arent you?)The legendary O.G. Jim Brown was also a topic of discussion. This is an interesting series, so I recommend all my readers to take a todays episode The Return Of A Hustla

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