The rats in the NYC subway system are twerking

Posted by Michal-Chme--758 on Nov. 27, 2013

Seems the rodents are getting larger, and have managed to put on clothes to partially resemble humans ..... but, it was the twerking attempt that showed them for the pests and rodents that they really are. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says the footage has been sent to the city's police department for further investigation and charges expected to be laid. But, they won't be hard to find when they upload a video to some place called YouTube, and identify themselves as Jarisa Fuentes. Filthy subway rats ..... where's the damn train when you need one. An oncoming train isn't the only danger to the rats, they are quite close to the train line's electrified third rail, which carries 625 volts of electricity. If only ..... Subscribe world best videos- https-// Twitter- https-// Google+-https-//

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