The Quest Revealed- Success in Life and Walking with TuffGuy!

Posted by JohnZajaros on Nov. 12, 2009 I was on a walk with TuffGuy and we came to one of my favorite spots. It immediately reminded me of what is once again possible! Success is a progression, a journey, a quest! I just thought I would share a moment with you. After overcoming a life-threatening and life-altering illness, it is as if my eyes are seeing things for the first time, that I am once again experiencing life. Beginning to see the possibilities in life again, the things that make my heart beat a bit faster, and the things that dont necessarily mean success as much as they simply make life a bit more fun. Success is a progression, an improvement in your overall quality of life on daily basis. Every day has become a success and I thought I would share just a moment of and my little dog, TuffGuy! John Zajaros 216-712-6526 (home/business) 866-835-2913 (toll free) Skype- johnzajaros1

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