THE PRISONER: (Winner of Best Web Series Pilot --New York Telev

Posted by NeoWorldTV on Sep. 25, 2008

THE PRISONER: (Winner of Best Web Series Pilot --New York Television Festival 2008) ---The Prisoner follows a young American who is spirited away to the depths of a secret prison, chronicling his struggle to escape with the help of a seductive but enigmatic Trustee. This dramatic microseries -- designed for the web and mobile devices -- explores the limits of personal freedom in the context of a global war on terror. The Prisoner was created for development as a webisode series, long-form television series or feature. In subsequent episodes, our hero joins an underground network of escapees linked by a special RFID implant; are they freedom fighters, or pawns in a vast conspiracy of disinformation? Credits: Principal Cast: The Prisoner - Brian Greer The Interrogator - Derek Brantley Produced by: Culpepper-Williams Studios, LLC Executive Producers: Patrick Rousseau

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