The Pretty Reckless - Blender (HD)

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Sep. 09, 2009

to get inside my head Do you wanna get to touch me Cause now my ex is officially dead I don't lalalala like you I lalalala love you I used to hahaha hate you And now I really fucking love you I'm feeling stupid But I won't tell you I am blond I feel dumb I sound sweetly in the daytime Not a turn, not a turn I cry my eyes out Hoping you'll shout Be my girlfriend Be my girlfriend And when you kiss her I'll tell you it hurts I want more I want more So you do you wanna get to know me Do you ...

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Tags alternative, blender, blonde, girl, gossip, jenny, love, momsen, pretty, really, reckless, rock, spicy, sweetserenity12, taylor, you

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