The Presence Of Mind

Posted by Ixon1 on Nov. 20, 2009

In light of the recent,future and pass abuses that blacks have faced at the hands of those that hate because of race.this is a montage that hopes to bring about a since of unity among the black people in these united states. we do not know or seem to care about the fight that our ancestors faced just to be treated as human beings. too many died so that rappers can talk about killing each other and selling drugs to their own. we mimic and worship the criminality mentality and thugery as though it defines the black race.and those of us that make it out act as if they did it on their own,and do not reach back to help their own. (THIS IS NOT MEANT TO SRUR FURTHER RACIAL HATRED)IT IS JUST A WAKE UP CALL FOR-UNITY IN OUR COMMUNITY-NOW!!!!

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