The Potential Wives of Prince Harry - COMEDY SKETCH

Posted by bronact on Jan. 11, 2012

PLEASE NOTE- This comedy sketch contains adult references! Prince William is now taken but that has never bothered this group of dedicated women who have set their sights higher. Much higher... On his little brother. Prince Harry yum yum. THE POTENTIAL WIVES OF PRINCE HARRY - COMEDY SKETCH CREDITS Written &Produced by Brona C Titley Directed &Edited by Dermot Canterbury DOP- Imran Uppal Sound- Felix Mulder Art by- Miranda Benzies Additional Editing by- Siobhan McGill CAST- (in order of appearance) Grace- Brona C Titley Interviewer voice- Dan Wheeler Lorna- Donnla Hughes Cassie- Cassie Laver Leonie- Leonie Hill Erin- Erin Hunter Steve- Albion Gray Pippa Middleton- Holly McGlynn Special thanks to- Kate McLaughlin, Lauren Dark and Faye and Shannon at Met Film.

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