The Other Side... - Orb Consciousness

Posted by pleiade on Aug. 07, 2009

Orbs are a part of our New Paradigm. Orbs are Here. Open your mind to these entities and you will bring them in. They attune to your energies, and your calling. They have been here for eons, but only after our technology has caught up are we able to interact - and they show pleasure in our being aware of them. In teh photos, they perform acts. Show how they warp, morph, transform, travel, illuminate - and become - all in a shot.. Some orbs remain on several shots... Its a full study andf research. Quatum physics are diving in deeper on this issue...

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Tags ufos, nasa, orbs, 2012, spirits, awakenings, telepathy, consciousness, hubble, jpl, extraterrestrials, interdimensional, light beings

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