The New Sweetish Cat

Posted by VJDJ on Aug. 30, 2012

Last year, I (we) discovered that Mary [ The 1st Sweetish Cat (Sweetish Cutie)] had retired recently, not know what date. Catty Wild had assisted her cam shows for 2 years. After 2 years when Sweetish Cutie left her Sweetish Pussycat Team, Catty Wild took her lead. So she took over Mary (Sweetish Cutie) cam place. In June 18, 2011, Catty Wild had become The New Sweetish Pussycat (The New Sweetish Cutie - Sweetish Cutie 2) and got inaugurated. We congratulate Mary (Catty Wild) to become The New Sweetish Cutie - Sweetish Cutie 2. Since Sweetish Cute (Alex or Liza, what ever her name is) was suppose to replace Sweetish Cutie (Mary), Sweetish Cute became Catty wilds cam assistance. Then the other assistance is Angela known as SPECIAL KISS and CUTY ANGEL. She is our new cam assistance for Catty Wild being The Sweetish Pussycat Team. This is a video in honor of Mary (Catty Wild), our new Sweetish Pussycat.

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