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Posted by AndrewWalker on Sep. 30, 2009 Gaming has been famous for some time now. It was earlier dominated by the gaming consoles. The major companies in this business of gaming consoles were Microsoft and Sony. Each produced its own gaming consoles. Microsoft’s product was Xbox and that of Sony is Playstation. The gaming consoles have been further reduced to PSPs. PSP stands for portable playstation. It is an excellent concept. The product has many versions and every version has been performing very well. The latest PSP is PSP Go , where PSP Go specs attracted game lovers around the world . It is yet to be released. It is to be released on October 1st in America and in Europe. It is to be released on November 1 in Japan. It is one of the devices that are expected eagerly around the globe. Many people are waiting to buy it.So at we have all the infomation needed about what it can and cant do and why should you be intrested in getting the new sony Psp go on realease as well as pre-order options v

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