The Motto [CLAM REMIX] parody

Posted by elise81 on Jun. 10, 2012

Drake lil Wayne & Tyga get wet...You Only Swim Once fishy YOSO Lyrics- I'm a fucking clam, y'all dont get it do ya Shelly fish with a body kinda round n screwd up Going ocean Atlantis in the sea All the kiddies love me like I'm Stevie scuba Tell my team zissou I'm here by the dock too At the bard Shuckin shells ain't much to do Sea stain got a sandal up on biscayne Got no brain ain't a thang still jump claim Not a eel not eel not eel 10k leagues sitting 10k still, uh I'm In the water and I'm wetting myself Rest in peace Gordon fish fryin brothers err day, ok getting paid from ivars as they mascot My shell tight I don't really need an ascot Tell Gump fry one bread it ever slightly shrimp're bubba g, gettin eatin in the GA Me Shelly n mommy ma keep it real though Order fish filet, shout out to lil Nemo We got sent a coral reef by the teacher She know even if im grillin that i prolly wouldnt eat her ohhhh That a reel man? You really bring a reel. Cuz to catch a nice fish is to catch a nice meal I mean maybe she

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