The Megalodon [Still Alive?]

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Aug. 20, 2009

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Dj Khaled beacuse everyone is asking :P And by the way THIS VID WAS FROM THE BEGINNING MADE BY PARANORMAL MOVIES.(Watch His Channel Or Die) He has lot of interesting stuff... [HONOURS] #66 - Most Discussed (All Time) #3 - Most Discussed (All Time) #12 - Most Responded (Today) #51 - Most Responded (Today) - Global #1 - Most Responded (Today) #54 - Most Responded (This Week) #2 - Most Responded (This Week) #4 - Most Responded (This Month) #7 - Most Responded (All Time) #6 - Most Viewed (All Time ...

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Tags animal videos, big, deep, great, huge, megalodon, monster, paranormal, scary, scary mammals, shark, weird, white

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