The Man Test!

Posted by slappinyaface on Jun. 10, 2011

Sometimes you have to take a test to see you if you a man...a real man...but sometimes you should take test for other things.... Hello People, This our sketch comedy show Jeff and Pat Adventures This is our second season, and we are very excited and proud of it this year We hope that we can make you laugh, grin, smirk, smile, giggle, or even a sarcastic laugh is good with us lol But if we do make you do at least one of those things, please, share on your facebook, twitter, myspace, xbox online, PS Network, or anywhere you can possibly get our name out there. We have a goal we are chasing of 50,000 subscribers in 2011, please help us reach it and become a part of the Slappinyaface Entertainment family and a special thanks to Random Daily Videos for use of their video for our intro and outro, check them out here- http-// IF you wanna talk to us or find us , look here- Yahoo Messenger- S

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