The LIES of Evolution

There is perhaps a growing schism within the scientific community regarding the validity of evolution. Evolution, though a brilliant theory, has probably been proven wrong time and time again. As the 21st century unfolds, there are an increasing number of scientific disciplines striving to answer the question of our origin. One of the most exciting new scientific fields to arise in recent years is Creationology. Creationology seeks to fill the gap between biblical interpretations of our origins and the naturalistic approach of the scientific community. Many of the theories put forth by the Creationology Scientists are possibly now widely accepted as fact by a large portion of scientists worldwide. The tenacity and passion of our Creationologist theories have successfully bypassed the peer review process of "traditional" science, and have maybe disproved many of the "scientific" concepts long believed to be factual by the scientific community. Our Creationologists largely examine facts using unbiased and im