The Ice Princess Part 1

Posted by Theodoresv on Dec. 23, 2012

Experience the Wonder When You Buy This Book Now. On a bleak winter day, a man who is haunted by the memory of a lost love goes for a walk seeking solace in nature. In a park he looks at ice sculptures. One of them strongly resembles his lost love. He enters a nearby library to get warm. A psychology book falls off of a shelf and hits him on the head. A library program is about to begin. Professor Zolta is giving a presentation with some items from his cabinet of curiosities. He displays a stuffed dodo bird, a brain in jar, an automaton, a ship in a bottle, and a crystal human skull. After the program the audience applauds. They shake his hand as they leave. The man who came in from the cold takes a closer look at the oddiities. He realizes that he is standing next to his lost love. She takes his breath away. He is unable to speak. She leaves him. Zolta had observed his failed interaction and leaves him alone with the mysterious crystal skull. He gazes into it. The skull glows a

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