The Ice Princess

Posted by Theodoresv on May. 25, 2013

Experience the Magic When You Buy This Book Now. The crystal skull glows and in it is seen the world spinning. He sees a story beginning when he gazes into the skull. He sees an island in an ocean. He sees two kings standing on a bridge over the river that divides the island. King Rego gives a speech promoting peace. King Azim gives him a rare unicorn as a symbol of their treaty of peace. The crowds on both sides of the river cheer. The two kingdoms celebrate peace. King Rego and the queen embrace. They give advice to their son to remember who he is and to guard his heart. The king and queen then go to have some tea. They sit at a table with Shub and his wife. Shub is the son of the former king. King Rego warns him not to desire the crown. The king and queen drink their tea and then die. The teapot is dropped and broken revealing a dead newt. Shub claims the crown. Shub’s daughter arrives. Her name is Mirabel. They send him to tell prince Dax of the accident.

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Tags poem, peace, newt

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