The Humble Humus

Posted by ctznofwrld on Aug. 06, 2012

http-// This video was inspired by the AnnoyingOrange. Only, I would argue that The Humble Humus is far more annoying than the orange because The Annoying Orange knows that it is annoying, whereas this sticky and mushy food item has no self awareness whatsoever. All humus was consumed shortly after the production of this video, there was no wastage. I am worried that after my kids watch this video, I will never be able to tell them Dont play with your food, since I am certain that making videos with food is considered a form of playing. Yalla is an arabic expression that can mean come on a type of encouragement to do something or it can mean hurry up There is a whole slew of creative videos coming down the pipe. If you dont want to miss any of them then please subscribe to my channel here- http-//

Categories Pop Culture

Tags arabian, story, humble, storyteller, humus, houmous

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