The Hostest With The Mostest Mr Hostgator Dotcom

Posted by billythebillboard on Aug. 29, 2010

Please welcome my mr Hostgator Dotcom and yes that is my real legal name now. I used to be Billy Gibby but me being a human advertiser decided it would be cool to advertise for a website by legally changing my name to their website. I also advertise for well over 20 companies and websites with permenent tattoo ads all over my body even my face. I plan to cover my entire body in tattoo ads and get into the guiness world record books. If you are a company or website or just anyone that might want to advertise email me at and lets get r done whatever that means. lol I will be the best advertisement your company has ever had I have been in newspapers ad magazines world wide and news shows as well . Let me help you to help me to help you make your business better lol

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