THE HAWKING DEAD (Official Parody) Walking Dead

Posted by woodensteel on Oct. 16, 2012

The World has been overtaken by Zombie Stephen Hawkings. How will you survive? Starring- Shane Hartline - http-// Kevin Dusinberre - http-// Jacob Reuter - Twitter - http-// Robert Walker-Branchaud - http-// Garrett Bryant - http-// Directed & Produced by- Shane Hartline http-// http-// http-// Writing, Makeup & DP- Madison Hartline http-// Special Thanks- East 60 Storage - http-// Buena Vista Scooter Rentals - http-// Phil Armijo - http-// Hartline Alarm - http-// Follow our Twitter- http-// LIKE our Facebook Page- http-// Check out our Official Website- http-// Buy our Skittin Across America- Skit-A-Palooza DVD- http-//www.Ski

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