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This is the first of a series of products that will be featured on I am offering this free to download and for non commercial use. You can give it to friends as long as you do not change or edit any parts of it. If you find THE GUITAR KIT useful (and I am sure you will) consider making a donation so I can keep adding free lessons and products for you all to enjoy! Use the DONATE button on the right of the screen on to make a donation safely through Paypal.Basically THE GUITAR KIT it is a collection of templates for you to print and use as reference or for teaching:STAFF PAPER:• TREBLE KEY STAFF• TREBLE KEY STAFF+TAB• TAB ONLY• GUITAR NECK BOXCHORDS:• BASIC CHORDS CHART• 7TH CHORDS (maj7, m7, 7, m7(b5))SCALE FINGERINGS:• PENTATONIC SCALE/ BLUES SCALE (5 SHAPES)• MAJOR SCALES (5 SHAPES)• MAJOR SCALES 3 NOTES PER STRING (7 SHAPES)• MELODIC MINOR (5 SHAPES)• HARMONIC MINOR (5 SHAPES)• WHOLE TONE – DIMINISHED SCALEEXTRAS: • HARMONICS CHART ...

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