The Greatest American Hero and Locke & Key Exclusive Interviews

In this special episode of The Stack we talk with William Katt of The Greatest American Hero TV Show, and Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez the amazing team that brings you Locke & Key! First up Pete and William Katt reminisce about the original Greatest American Hero TV series and talk about the new Web Series and Comic Book due this year. Believe it or Not! Next, Alex talks with Locke & Key creator Joe Hill. Joe talks about how his humble beginnings and how the series turned into such a popular comic. Then, Pete talks with Locke & Key artist Gabriel Rodriguez. Gabriel talks about how he started working with Locke & Key creator Joe Hill, and his creative process behind drawing the book. Don't miss it! Be sure to watch The Stack three times a week, and look for our bonus episodes on Thursdays! Let us know what you think. You can comment below or email us at