The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

Posted by MoBiesTube on Jul. 31, 2009

Film Presented (San Francisco International LGBT Film F 2008) Three very different people find their fates intertwining in ways they never anticipated in this earnest tale of interconnecting lives. After losing his longtime lover John (Rick Pauley) suddenly and unexpectedly, grieving Frank (Jeff Batton) discovers a series of hidden journals indicating that John was leading a secret double life. Intrigued, Frank begins digging ever deeper into Johns past, gradually learning things about his late lover that he never knew before. Franks friend Will (Matthew Palmer) is in an open relationship with Ben (Bajo Sonubi) and doesnt understand why Johns death has had such a profound effect on Frank. Meanwhile, Caryn (Kristen Justice) has just lost her girlfriend Sandra (Brooke Creef) to Franks best friend Jen (Alesha K. Willis) after refusing to come out to her parents, and is heartbroken to realize that true love has just slipped through her fingers.

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