The Future Of Cervical Cancer Prevention with Shannon Miller

Posted by newsinfusion on Jan. 13, 2009

For more info visit In the United States, an estimated 11,000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2008, and nearly 4,000 died. The mother of Shannon Miller – an Olympic gymnast – was one of them. Yet, the disease is entirely preventable. Cervical cancer is caused by “high-risk” types of HPV, a virus as common as the cold. While HPV affects most sexually active women, it’s only when it persists that it causes problems such as abnormal cells that can turn into cancer. And while many women know about the new vaccine to protect against some types of HPV, many more are not aware that there is a test for the virus as well – one that could potentially save their lives. Shannon shares her mother’s story, and how she has now taken action to protect herself --- and educate other women. Joining is Dr. Marie Savard, a nationally recognized internist and women’s health author. She talks about what women of all ages need to do to ...

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