The funny game Bowling Master for Oric Atmos Computer

Posted by drhirudo on Aug. 14, 2012

Funny game Bowling Master. The game is coded entirely in Oric BASIC language and has the exact size of 1 024 bytes or 1 KB, including the tape header and data. The game competed in the 2003 where it was voted 48th out of 63 entries. Download the game from http-// and try to make five strikes in a row. Good luck. Original story from the description file of the game- After getting drunk with your friends, and since alchohol makes your thoughts faster and your ego greater and smarter, you decide to show them who is the bowling master. So you and your company went to the bowling hall, which is near the bar you were partying. But there is a problem - your hands are in tremor and it seems that it wouldnt be that easy to hit these full with some drink little kegs. Use (SPACE) to throw the ball.

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