The Final Quickie

Posted by spooly_montana on Dec. 08, 2008

This 7 minute play entitled "A Play is Born" was part of the tenth edition of Quickies in the Stack's "And A Toast to You As Well" festival that took place on December 4, 2008 in the Stratford Library's holiday-decorated Lovell Room. It was an evening of seven original short plays, and we were the seventh and final play of the night. Starring in the play were quite an ecclectic bunch, one which famed off-beat film director Christopher Guest would certainly have been proud of. THE PLAY'S CAST Maureen Cummings Tracy James Mark Lambeck Tony Murvin Joel Vetsch PLAY DIRECTED BY J. Sibley Law PLAY WRITTEN BY Orna Rawls and J. Sibley Law VIDEO PRODUCED BY Joel Vetsch and Barb Grant "A Play is Born" Copyright ? 2008 by J. Sibley Law & Orna Rawls Used by Permission

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