The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift Music Video w/lyrics

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Apr. 06, 2010

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song by Teriyaki Boyz-Tokyo Drift. The video consist of clips and Trailers from the movie. *Chorus Words between [ ] are what they're trying to say in English, lol. ------------------------------------------- I wonder if you know, How they live in Tokyo, If you see me then you mean it Then you know you have to go. Fast and furious~! [Kitaa!] (Drift, Drift, Drift) Fast and furious~! [Kitaa!] (Drift, Drift, Drift) ------------------------------------------- *Chorus Irasha ii~, omachidou sama, kenso mamire no konomachi no ensou dama, tamani ichido tsuite oide, sekaijyu miru yo suruhodona goukana, Japan, Ichiban, Jump around saruchie no deban, Teriyaki Boyz in the place to be, Misete yarou (hai!) in the VIP. Many many diamonds dangl'n, Bag full of money we strangl'n, Hate me, fry me, bake me, try me, All the above 'cause you can't get in, I don't want no puroburemu [problem], Because me purofeshonaru [proffesional], Make you, shake your ketsu, (Thank you!) Haters take it paasonaru [personal]. Like Kanada tai tet

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