The Fall

Posted by Urgo on May. 03, 2009

YouTube Version: I went skiing for the second time ever, but the weather wasnt really skii weather. The high temp of the day was 65, and by the end the snow was really slushy and poor.As a result I found myself going down a hill I went down earlier in the day with no problem, but this time I ran into a few issues.First the snow was uneven/choppy, then very slushy/watery, then gone completely (just the ice cover). At this point I was going so fast (I couldnt slow down under the poor conditions) that I lost my balance and had a bad wipe out. Im not exactly sure how I fell this time but I hit my head, my glasses flew off, and I broke a skii poll. Im fine (just sore) but I had my HD camera in my pocket as I was filming earlier in the day (Ill most likely post a video of that soon too) and I must have fell on it because now the automatic lens cap tries very hard to open but never finishes, and as a result the camera is unusable at the moment :(...

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