The Face of A Nation (Political Dance Energy Music Video) TM

Posted by TIGERMDOTNET on Nov. 02, 2008

What’s New… Never very political, I created this song to play at my dance sets as tribute to those who "feel the hype" of the elections every 4. =) However... after creating the "track-meant-for-dance" I got this series of 'interesting dreams' and this crazy "video vision." So after a 'bit' of hard work [and stressing my CHEEKS off...breaking a wall and shattering a game DVD in the process... (but that's another story... ^^;) Here it is! =) The end 'product' came out to look something of a 'Digital History Museum' with comedy elements I'd guess ^^ Please enjoy! ^_^ I certainly see why so much is gotten out of these election... =) So much goes into it! ^^ Until I spent time gathering the elements to create this visuals video I never stopped to think about JUST HOW MUCH work goes into all the counting of the ballots, the publicizing of the 'hopeful-to-be-presidents' and all the gossip, strong opinions and debating this 4-year "Celebration" and "Contest of Determination" Truly spa

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