The Elevator - Dominic Shillingford

Posted by Dom0ne on May. 14, 2010

EDITING This was supposed to be just a test to see what it would look like, thats why I didnt turn the lights on in the room and why I looked really bored. Thought it looked quite good though so I kept going with the editing. I may do another, proper one like this, but put a bit of effort into the filming Filmed everything in one 15 minute shot, I just jumped around making random movements in front of the camera, then just edited it to death (trust me, I edited it to absolute death! the original footage was absolute rubbish). First time ive tried stop motion, i blended it in with normal motion to be different. I dont think anyone else has done that. Dominic Shillingford Music - The Bmore Club Slam by Wale. Mixtape About Nothing (Mixed by Nick Catchdubs) Package Used - Sony Vegas Pro 8.0

Categories Pop Culture

Tags animation, hip, hop, club, tricks, slam, edit, original, editing, stop, motion, wale, elevator, visual, slick, sfx, timing, quality, clone, cloning, fx, ronaldo, masking, bmore

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