"The Depression of Detective Downs 2" Teaser Trailer

Posted by slider_alt on Nov. 21, 2008

After the events of the first film, Detective Rolando Downs finds his life back in the same situation it was prior to solving his last case. Things have gone back to normal and he no longer feels the joy he once experienced after saving a little girl's life. A whole new set of problems begin to plague him--including harassing bill collectors, an old car that has finally broken down, physical pains due to his prolonged depression, a tragic event from his past that continues to haunt him, and a new police case involving an abducted businessman. The only thing keeping him from focusing too much attention on himself are his innocent yet wrongful desires for the victim's ex-girlfriend. Will Downs put his personal issues aside and solve the case he was assigned to complete? Will he let his desires for the woman get in the way of his own moral values as a cop? And is every detail of the case what it appears to be? These are the questions Rolando Downs will face as he reaches depression's edge.

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Tags cop, depression, schizophrenia, kidnapping

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