The Death Of Kosh

Posted by Skok58 on Sep. 05, 2009

I was compiling some Fire Breathing vids I made last night to make a new vid. While I was looking for some background music I found this great scene from Babylon 5 where Kosh visits Cpt. Sheridan in a dream in the guise of Sheridans father and tells him hes sorry about various things. . . All while being ripped to shreds by 3 Shadows. . . It just sort of fit with what I had, so. . . Unfortunately, I had to record this with my camera off the screen just to save it, so Ill post a better version later. NOTE- What you are seeing at 1-04-1-11 is the flame coming out of the eye hole of the hockey mask, as opposed to the mouth hole. I do believe I singed a retina on that one. . . Dont Forget To Rate It! Well. . . There it is. . .

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