The Day Trading Robot - Make Money With Automated Stock Day Trading Robot - How To Make Money With Automated Stock Trading (Day Trading Robot)To make money in day trading, it is essential to succeed as a trader days. Unfortunately, when most start of the trading day, not to think about the risks they take - if the potential rewards. Every day trading strategy must take into account the higher percentage of its total capital to be risked in a transaction. Trading in the stock market in the stock market involves risk, but if you know what they are doing you a chance to make big money.If you invest or trade, good size to trade is an important element. If your size is very large, they risk much more by trade and that the risk of large losses if the trade does not work. If the size is too small, even when they produce a big winner in the amount of the reward fund is too small to really matter. Accept what he has heard of Penny stocks and how the benefits can be enormous. But the investment, especially investment penny stock, is not a get ric